Function for end users

Last updated: January 12th, 2019


This program was born as a result of solving an applied problem. I needed to generate a receipt on a portable printer.

I am a web developer. I am writing in PHP. During the search for a solution, I drew attention to custom uri schemes. Most likely you have already met them too. This is for example the well-known skype uri.

The URI scheme is a custom URI scheme. It allows you to implement Internet Explorer 4.0. As you see this technology for many years, but before that I did not think to apply it in my projects.

Its essence is that we can launch the application we need from the HTML page, passing the data to it. Thus the desired chain lined up:

Server → Php → HTML → CUSTOM URI → A program that will send data to the device port.

Its advantage is that for the server all tasks are standard and no additional software or hardware is required.

So I decided to write the rawbt protocol - the RAW data transferred to the BlueTooth printer.

In principle, to invent a name for your protocol is not required. To run the application in Android there is an intent scheme. But I figured it out already during the work on the application.

The main task of the application

The main task of the application is to implement a data delivery channel to the end device (printer) without distortion. The main transport protocol is Bluetooth. The interaction between the smartphone and the printer via the network and usb cable depends on the technical features of your devices.

Free functions

You can easily print texts and images from your phone.

Find menu items "share", "send" or "open" in you app, click and select RawBT (Gallery,FileManager and many other application).

You can use the program for free for the following purposes.

  • Send plain text or images to print from any applications,
  • Send print-ready binary data (RawBT scheme),
  • Use to integrate with your web applications.

Premium functions

  • Print service plugin
  • Print PDF files
  • [add in 2.90] Dithering - illusion of grayscale in point images