Last updated: Jan 13th, 2020


Has the application become paid?


Since version 4.3.0 of the application, the premium method is used as an image processing method. Premium features add a notification line to the printout that a free version is being used. All free features in the app are saved. Enter the settings and change as shown in the video. In 2019, the list of free features was supplemented with the following features:

  • Specifying a command for the printer cutter;
  • Automatic printing of date and time;
  • Image orientation selection;
  • Invert colors to print drawings (white changes to black).

YouTube: RawBT.app Graphics conversion


Can you increase the size of the letters on the printout?

There are two types of printing implementation for Android applications.

  • In the first case, you prepare the document and pre-select the size of the paper on which you want to print. The application accesses its server and receives from it an PDF file that will be sent to the printer. Increase the letters in the finished document can not be.
    Recommendation: Choose the smallest available paper size in the application and / or increase the letter size.

  • The second method is implemented by browsers. They are guided by the paper size chosen in the driver and create a PDF for a specific choice.
    My application in any case prints the page as a picture with the width specified in the settings.
    For greater sharpness, the default paper size corresponds to a width that is equal to the number of dots at 72dpi.
    But there are three paper sizes with a fixed width (2,3.4 inches).
    The largest letters are obtained when choosing the width of 58mm. Smallest for paper sizes without millimeters in title.
    Recommendation: Try a 58mm paper size.

Error Prepare preview (Menyiapkan pratinja ..) not end

Update Chrome!! A mistake was made in the version Google Chrome published on October 22. It is fixed 0ct 31,2019 (ver 78.0.3904.90)

In such situations, to determine who is to blame, remove my driver. Try whether the error will be reproduced with others drivers.


How input ESC commands ?

Commands are entered as a sequence of bytes separated by semicolons.

Bytes can be written in the following formats:

  • 00-FF - Two hexadecimal digits. Allowed 0-9,A-F or a-f.
  • ASCII control characters (character code 0-31, 0x00-0x1f) can be specified as a mnemonic.See image below.
  • Printed ASCII characters (character code 33-126), in addition to a space, can be entered as is.


ESC;@;ESC;t;11 - Initialize the printer. Select the code page of the printer #17. This initialization makes the application.
or as hex 1B;40;1B;74;11

Why do I need a field after default init print job?

1. Select international characters (ESC R n)

pdf ESC/POS Command Manual

2. Select codepage for STAR
ESC;@;ESC;GS;t;01 - Undo default initialization. And do custom init;

3. Customize the printer as you need.

How to add a paper cut?

The most common command GS;V;1 (1d;56;31)

You can add the desired number of blank lines to scroll the paper under the knife. (LF;LF;GS;V;1) or or use the advanced version of the command (GS;V;m;n).
m = 66 = 42h;
n - vertical motion unit.

Please, see manual for you printer.

I can not buy and test all models of printers.

If you send other useful initialization options, I will post them on this page.

Cost of service: What commands do I need to input

Gift me the device you want to set up, and pay $ 10 / byte for the resulting initialization sequence.

Purchasing a license

The program licensing system is implemented through in-app purchases.

I paid for the license, but it still displays on the printout ** Personal use only **

  • 1.In the main menu, select "License".
  • 2. On the license tab, click "..." in the upper-right corner.
  • 3. Click "Refresh"
  • 4. Wait a bit

Why are there no purchase options on the License page?

  • 1. For you country not allowed purhases.
  • 2. Any problems or settings (for example: parental control) prohibiting purchases of your account.
  • 3. No internet. Unable to get the cost of licenses.

What do if you ATM has been decline ?

There are no alternative ways to purchase a license.

Monetization. Developer Policy Center

In-store purchases: Developers charging for apps and downloads from Google Play must use Google Play’s payment system.
link Developer Policy Center

Violation of this item may be the reason for the removal of the application. You can of course give examples of applications that do not follow this rule. But I am inclined to believe that this is simply not a refinement of the moderators, and not permission to do so.